304 316L Material 25~3000 μm Filter Rating Petrochemical latex Liquid Solid Filtration Basket Filter

Basket filter is usually installed at the front end of the pipeline to remove impurities or solid particles in the fluid, so that machinery and equipment (including compressor, pump, etc.) and instruments can work and opernormally, for stabilizing the process and ensuring safe production.    

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Scope of application : 1. Chemical industry filtration: production of petrochemical and latex products. 2.  Filtration for dairy products, beer, beverages, etc. 3.  Filtration for low temperature materials in refrigeration, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen and various refrigerants. 4.  Efficient filtration of various special processes, etc. Comprehensive technical parameters: Main material: A3 ,304,316,316L Diameter / Pressure: DN15~400mm (1 / 2 "~ 16"); PN 0.6-1.6Mpa Nut / Eye-bolt Material: 20#, 304,304L, 316L Sealing gasket: Nitrile Rubber Gasket, PTFE Gasket, Metal Gasket Sealing Surface: It can be customized according to standards. Flange Standard: Hg, GB, JB (Customized) Connection Type: Flange connection (II), Internal thread connection (III), External thread connection (IV) Quick clip connection (I) Design, Manufacturing and Testing Standard: Hg / J532-91 Operating Temperature: Carbon steel: - 30 ℃ ~ + 350 ℃, Stainless steel: - 80 ℃ ~ + 480 ℃ Shell: Carbon steel: Coated with anti-corrosion paint; Stainless steel: Pickled or coated with anti-corrosion paint    

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