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basket strainer basket filter housing experienced export factory Basket strainer can remove solid particles from liquid, and its solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket. Clean liquid flows out through the filter basket. When cleaning is needed, take out the filter basket and reload it after cleaning. It is convenient to use and maintain.   Material:stainless steel, low carbon steel and other material as required Feed port and discharge port: high-in low-out, level-in and level-out, up-in and -down-out or other ways  for your choose We accept OEM, and glad to supply filter solution, drawing will be supplied if needed. Structure: Usage: Basket strainer is usually used to remove the impurities or solid particles in the fluid by installing on the pipeline, so that the machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.) and instruments can work and run normally, so as to stabilize the process and ensure the safe production Application scope: 1. Chemical industry: production of petrochemical and latex products. 2. Dairy products, beer, drinks, etc 3. Low temperature materials in refrigeration, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia,Liquid oxygen and various refrigerants. 4. High efficiency filters of various special processes. Hanke Filter is a professional supplier of filtration solutions, owned a srong RD team, advanced design idea, to provide reliable technical support, standard production process, customized products and fast delivery services for global customers. 微信图片_20210518103738_副本

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