Stainless Steel Basket Filter Water Treatment Perfilter and Industrial Filtration China Filter Baskets

Taking basket strainers as filter elements, basket strainers are used to filter out particulate impurities from liquids and gases to protect liquid pipelines such as seawater, fuel oil and slurry pipelines, gas pipelines such as natural gas and argon pipelines, and fittings downstream.
  • Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, or customized.
  • Large screen area ensures efficient filtration with low pressure drop.
  • Remove large particles, clean fluids and gases, and protect key devices.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean, reusable.

Products Details

Stainless Steel Basket Filter Working Principle: When the filter medium enters the chamber from the filter inlet, the solid impurity particles are retained in the filter basket and clean filtrate flows out from the filter outlet. When cleaning or replacing the filter basket, close the pipeline system, unscrew the drain plug at the bottom of the main pipe and drain the fluid. And then open the filter cover, re-install the filter basket after cleaning, and fasten the filter housing and filter cover. Stainless Steel Basket Filter Application: Basket strainers are mainly used to remove rocks, sand, dirt, pipe scale, gravels and other solids from industrial liquids, gases, steam and water, and are widely used in the following industries.
  • Oil & gas. Natural gas pipeline transportation and filtration;
  • Water treatment. Raw water filtration; large farm irrigation water filtration; fire water filtration;
  • Marine filtration systems. On-board freshwater system filtration, seawater valve box filters, fire line suction systems, bilge line filters, lubricating oil filters;
  • Chemical. Cooling water filters and chemical process filters;
  • Mining. Dewatering filters and process fluid filters;
  • Metallurgy. Cooling water filters for rolling mills and furnaces.
Stainless Steel Basket Filter Mainly Parameters:                      
  • Housing material:Carbon steel, stainless steel or customized.
  • Filter rating:10 μm – 5000 μm
  • Filtration efficiency:95%
  • Operating pressure:0.6–1.6 MPa
  • Operating temperature:Carbon steel: -30 °C to +350 °C; stainless steel: -80 °C to +480 °C.
  • Nominal diameter:DN 15–400 mm (1/2" – 16"), or customized upon request.
  • Seal type:O-ring or flat gasket
  • Sealing material:NBR gasket, PTFE gasket, metal gasket
  • Surface treatment:Carbon steel: anti-corrosion paint; stainless steel: acid dipping or anti-corrosion paint
  • Connection type:Flange, female thread, male thread, quick opening clamp.
  • Lid/cover type:Swing bolts, flange, etc.
  • Usage type:Liquid filtration

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